Here's how to make a Super Skewer Bouncing Butterfly Kite

Here are the things you will need to build Pop Gander's first kite, Bouncing Butterfly:

They are: A pre-printed sheet of 8-1/2 x 11 paper, a 10" or 12" bamboo skewer, a roll of cellophane tape, something to poke holes with, and something to make a tail from. A roll of surveyor's tape from your hardware store is cheap and durable, but old crepe paper streamers will work too.


Click here to open a PDF file and print out the picture of the butterfly and these instructions. You will need the free Acrobat Reader to open the PDF file.

Fold the pre-printed sheet of paper as shown in the pictures below.

Fasten the two wings together with a strip of tape closing the fold on the back,as shown on the left.

Tape about 9" of skewer across the back from right point to left point as shown on the left. Several small pieces of tape are easier to handle than one long piece.

STEP 4. With a layer of tape, reinforce the paper at a point about 3" down from the small end of the keel formed by the fold, and then poke a hole in it and thread some kite string though it as shown on the left.


Tape a couple of yards of surveyor's tape on the rear for a tail, and you are ready to fly Bouncing Butterfly!