Super Skewer Nifty News Kite

Here's how to build
Pop Gander's second kite,
Nifty News.


These are the things you will need:

They are:A full two-page spread of newspaper, some tape, four 12" bamboo skewers, something for a tail, and something to poke holes with. A pair of scissors and a ruler are also helpful.

Click here to open a PDF file and print out these instructions. You will need the free Acrobat Reader to open the PDF file.

Fold the newspaper in half and measure, draw, and cut as shown in the picture on the left and below.

.STEP 2. Open up the folded paper and lay down a length of tape from the top right corner to the bottom right corner and from the top left corner to the bottom left corner, as shown by the black lines below. Another strip of tape goes straight down the middle, over the fold.Then lay lengths of tape half on, half off, along all the edges and fold the tape over the edge of the paper.


Overlap 2 skewers by 2 inches and tape them tightly. More than one layer of tape is a good idea, but tightness is the important part.

Repeat for 2 more skewers. Fasten one double skewer with tape from the top right corner to the bottom right corner. Fasten the other double skewer from top left corner to bottom left corner. See last picture below.

STEP 4. Reinforce the two side corners and the two bottom corners with tape. Poke holes in each.


Thread 4' of string through the two side corners to make a bridle and 3' of string through the two bottom corners to support the tail. Tie the kite string to the center of the bridle and tie the tail (about 6 to 10 feet should do it) to the center of the lower string. You are now ready to fly Pop Gander's Nifty News skewer kite!