And here's the stuff you will need for the little whirligig, Teenytwister.

1. A little plastic cup coffee shops serve coffee cream in.
2. The cap from some kind of tube, like a toothpaste or ointment tube.
3. A little 2" x 2" piece of heavy aluminum foil, maybe another piece of throwaway pie pan.
4. Another little pipe. The tube inside an old ballpoint pen works well.
5. A paper clip. The jumbo size is easier to work with but any size will do.
6. Two beads big enough to allow the paper clip wire to pass through.
7. A spring-loaded clothespin
8. Glue, scissors, pliers, and something to drill or poke a tiny hole in the tube cap and the bottom of the cream cup.

Poke or drill a hole in the cream cup and the tube cap just large enough to let the paper clip wire move in it freely.

Make eight vertical cuts down the sides of the cream cup to produce eight equal vanes. Bend the vanes with needle-nose pliers, each at the same angle, to produce eight blades sticking out from the base of the cup.


Glue the tube cap into the base of the cream cup as shown. Use the end of the paper clip to allign the holes before the glue sets.

Bend the paper clip to form a horizontal axle crossing a vertical axle with a square loop to hold the whirligig tail.

Cut a piece of aluminum foil just a little bigger than the square formed where the paper clip axels cross and fasten it to the square by bending the edges over the wire and crimping them with your fingers or the pliers.

Mount the ballpoint pen tube onto the clothespin with glue, tape, or wire wrapping. Insert the vertical axle through a bead and down into the tube. Insert the horizontal axle through a bead and then the vane assembly, and put a little piece of tape on the end of the axle to keep the rotor from falling off. Fasten the clothespin to something in the wind and watch that rotor go!