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nursery rhyme nutrition game
Rings On Her Fingers, Bells on Her Toes game
Jack Sprat & Mrs. Sprat!

frost fairy music
make beautiful monkey music!
Find & Count Fairies!
Thanksgiving game
Thanksgiving racing game
Canoe Race to Feast
goofy food game
Jack Sprat could eat no fat...
Jack Sprat
sticker game
Play My Lady - Tornado game!
My Lady Tornado

cow & moon game
make cow jump over the moon
Jump Cow Jump

music game
make beautiful monkey music!
Monkey Music!

learn ABCs game
keyboard ABC game
Babies Tap & Type

kiss the girls game
Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie!
Georgie Porgie

paint & music game
Humpty Dumpty painting & music
Humpty Dumpty Doodle

alphabet match game
learn the alphabet
ABC Move & Match

catch that cat game
the cat is in the plum tree
Cat in the Plum Tree

10 little ghosts
find and count ghosts game
Find & Count Ghosts

catch roses game
gathering roses for the queen
Gathering Roses

pumpkin house
help Peter build his pumpkin house
Peter Pumpkin Eater

keyboard music ABCs
keyboard music & ABC game
Seashore Tap & Type

flower matching game
contrary Mary and her flowers
Mary Contrary Match

embroidery game
cross stitch embroidery game

stickers & music
build a princess or robot game
Princess & Mr. Robot

moon match game
Man in the moon matching
Moon Man Match

bake a cake game
play pat-a-cake!

comic book game

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MG Chronicles #1

jumping game
Play Jack be Nimble
Jack Be Nimble

Humpty Dumpty
explore a musical Mother Goose world
Music Mother Goose

music puzzle
Play My Lady - Tornado game!
Rings on her Fingers

decorate tree game
christmas tree game
The Magic Tree

snowflake game
snow and music game
Snow Flake Symphony

coloring game
Play Magic Mother Goose Coloring!
Magic Coloring Music

snow man game
snow man matching game
Snow Man Match

no computer required
rhymes & finger games
Finger Plays

bunny match game
match bunnies & eggs
Bunny Match

learn colors
find the hidden eggs!
The Great Egg Hunt

jack o' lantern
design a jack o' lantern
Halloween Pumpkin

learn ABCs game
keyboard ABC game
Babies Tap & Type

catch that cat game
the cat is in the plum tree
Cat in the Plum Tree

6 Springtime games
6 games in 1 egg!
The Magic Egg
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