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, a painting, website & tumblr blog

Leslie's Resume
published software, etc., a painting and website
painting, site, blog

Leslie's Almanac, ACM Computers in Entertainment
I Love You Mother Goose

Win 8 Art & Music App

abundance_of_memory.*, a digital sculpture

Digital Sculpture, 2012

To My Love, a video valentine
To My Love
Video Animation, 2012

Leslie's Almanac, ACM Computers in Entertainment
Leslie's Almanac

ACM column, ongoing

HEX animation

Video Animation, 2008

gardenFlight, a digital painting

Digital Painting, 2012

True Love Apps, romance comics for mobile devices

True Love Apps

Romance Comic #1

postcard-sized animation

Flash Animation, 2009

a romance novel game

Click Here if You Love Me
Interactive Novel, 2011

pinkFlower animation

Flash Animation, 2005

Oh Atsimenu Nameli and Let it Rain, computer videos

Desktop Videos

early video art, 1980s

pumpkin dance animation

Pumpkin Dance

Flash & Maya Animation

game concept

Game Concept Art
Storyboard Still, 2007

good fortunes game design
Good Fortunes

Cell Phone Game, 2006

Tales from the Last Amazon
Tales from Last Amazon

Early Computer Art, 1980s

greetBox, xbox game design by Leslie Wilson

Xbox game design, 2003

gaea chronicles, xbox game design by Leslie Wilson

Gaea Chronicles
Xbox game design, 2001

mother goose comic

Mother Goose Chronicles
Flash Comic Book Game

matchMe, mulitplayer game design

multiplayer game design

xpaint, xbox game design

Xbox game design, 2001

hootOwl animation

Flash Animation, 2008

Situations, in progress digital print and painting

Weave Situations

digital print & painting

tea party, Maya 3D image

Tea Party

Maya Still Image

valentine love animation by Leslie Wilson
2009 - Valentine Love
romance animation

lace, americana animation by Leslie Wilson

2008 - Lace
americana animation

maya Fairy

holiday love stuff animation

2006 - Holiday Love Stuff
a holiday romance cartoon

meet the bits animation by Leslie Wilson

2005 - Meet the Bits
a holiday adventure cartoon

snow walk/merry hexmas animation by Leslie Wilson

2007 - Snow Walk
wintry hex signs animation

snowman in space animation by Leslie Wilson

2003 - snow man
outerspace 3D animation

Character Animation 

americana birds animation by Leslie Wilson

2004 - birds
tole-painting animation

snow fairy animation by Leslie Wilson

2002 - snow fairy
fairy & elves animation

peace and love wish animation by Leslie Wilson

2001 - peace & love
holiday wishes animation

candle light animation

2000 - candle light
carolling children animation illustration
home page,1998

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a paranormal romance novel game for women

    About the Novel Game:
     Rebecca Butterfield is 35 and unmarried. She lives in a dilapidated mansion with her mother and the ghosts of her great-great aunts, Lily and Pearl. Ten years after her father's death, Rebecca owns plenty of land, but has no money. She must find a job to support her eccentric househould.
     In one fantastic year, Rebecca meets three different men: her high school flame, her charismatic boss at an Internet startup, and a cute genius programmer. Will she fall in love with one of these hot prospects? What is the painful secret in her past that has kept her out of the dating scene for so long?
     Long ago look-alike sisters Lily and Pearl, spoiled by instant wealth from the California gold rush, languish in Trapper's Mansion and indulge in secret rendezvous that threaten their reputation and future. Why is their story so tragic, and why do they still haunt Rebecca?
     Click Here if You Love Me is a romantic interactive fiction novel that spans 150 years of California history, from the Gold Rush days to the Dot Com boom and bust.  Play the interactive version on